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Does anything last forever anymore? It appears from my newspaper, sorry internet news feed (it all changes so fast!), that a Miele washing machine lasts longer than a marriage. Miele proudly says their machines are designed for more than 20 years and, after a recent legal change, all it takes to dissolve a marriage is a trip to a lawyer and six months!

Is this really the right way round or does, perhaps, Her Majesty the Queen show us another way? A better way? She is the longest-reigning living monarch and on Wikipedia’s list of the longest-reigning monarchs of all time, she is currently fourth and, God willing, will be second later this year.

Isn’t longevity, whether in a marriage or a washing machine, something to be desired, even worked for? Yet at church, we have found something more than that. True longevity is offered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have just celebrated Easter when church remembers that Jesus promised and delivered new life after death. And the life He offers you is not just a long life, not just another go around, not even an eternal version of this life. It is a new life, a perfect life. It is both eternal and perfect; we will get older measured by time and wiser with experience, but we will not decay, slow down or suffer. We will not want to get out and we won’t need an engineer to replace any parts! Why not come along and discover this Jesus and the life He has in store for you?

Join us at church any Sunday at 10.30am. There’s a YouTube link for those who need to stay at home. Other meetings during the week include Ladies Bible Study and Youth Work on Mondays and Life Groups (Tues, Wed & Thurs). Find out more online.


God willing, we will have a special event to commemorate Her Majesty’s long reign on Sunday 5 June. We hope you will join us that evening to celebrate her 70 years and to be reminded of the King she serves who lives and reigns in heaven and will for all time.

We continue to pray for all in the communities of Tendring and Babergh and would love to pray for you and are happy to help. We are involved with modern-day almsgiving via local charities, but can help you directly too, if you need us.

 Pastor Gaius

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