Pastor's Message
Welcome to Trinity Free Church

April - Pandemic Time

As we begin to walk the roadmap out of lockdown we will need to be mindful of what has changed in our culture and what has not; we might say what is it like to live in ‘Pandemic-Time’?

At the beginning of Pandemic Time, it felt like time had reverted to a quieter age, some sort of “go-slow”.  The roads and skies were quiet, and we heard the birds singing clearly.  I will never forget standing at the top of Owl’s Flight Dell in Lawford, hearing the birds clearly down on the river, a sound I would perhaps only otherwise hear early on Christmas Day!  What else have the clocks run slow for? Finances?  Education?  Holidays?

However, ‘Pandemic Time’ has accelerated some things too.  Cashless transactions and online shopping are now the norm.  These changes were already coming but they have taken a huge leap forward, the High Street is a changed place.  Many of us have aged in Pandemic Time as we have dealt with challenging life experiences, including the death of friends and loved ones.  This Autumn may well feel like 2031 not 2021 due to ‘Pandemic Time’!

Churches are being changed too!  Many little church buildings will remain empty or be sold and converted and yet some congregations are growing.  These have faced the challenge of Pandemic Time and remembered that their core purpose is to talk about Good News.  And we have certainly needed Good News recently.

The Good News the church has to offer is that the darkness of these days, even death, is not the end of the story.  There is a life after death and the choices we make now, affect what sort of life that will be.  The Easter story is where real hope can be found, despite the facts that the Lord, Jesus Christ was wrongly accused and murdered, He rose again.  He conquered death and that truth stands as a fixed point in the history of humanity.

Trinity is made up of people just like you, who have found joy and hope in Jesus.  At Easter we are opening our doors again, still socially distanced, and hope you will join us to celebrate and learn more about the hope of eternal joy that you can have too.  Or pick up a Bible and read about that hope for yourself, even check out our YouTube channel.  Perhaps you have been taking part from your favourite arm chair!  Well why not join us?  We continue to pray for all in the communities of Tendring and Baburgh and would love to pray for you (we have a prayer line – 07716 866007) and are happy to help.  We are involved with modern day “almsgiving” via local COVID help groups and other charities but can help you directly, too, if you need us.  (Pastor Gaius – 01206 393745, 07732 115107, )