Pastor's Message
Welcome to Trinity Free Church


Did you?  Would you?

Are you planning one?  Did you go and have to rush home to beat quarantine and wish you stayed home?  Did you struggle to find somewhere here in this country as the prices were just too high?  Are you the owner of a venue Praising God for the demand this year?

Apparently, lots of us are doing staycation.  Some are even doing the multigenerational family staycation, hiring a house or camp site and bringing together all ages; revelling in family, our nearest and dearest.  One interesting fact about this pandemic, might be called “staycation church”.  We have noticed that as our friends and members have travelled over the summer, they have still tuned in to our church services!  Before the pandemic that would have been unusual and frequently impossible, but now it seems it is part of the new normal.

It makes you think; is there something to this idea of staying closer to home? Finding the joys and wonder that perhaps we have missed with our jet setting around the global village.  Have we been overlooking the obvious?  Is true joy to be found not in the far away and the new but the close and the known.

Certainly, our church family have grown closer and more supportive of one another through this time.  And we believe in a good God who has a beneficial purpose for us out of this Pandemic, I freely admit that is hard to fathom but God’s goodness has been proved time and again in history so that I cannot doubt Him now.  I wonder if we have chased after too much and like Icarus flown too close to the sun?  I wonder if God wants us to cherish the close and the known more than we have?

As a church we are Lamenting what we have Lost and looking carefully at Returning to Church in our Sunday worship and weekly Life groups and we would love for you to join us.  Has this Pandemic made you begin to wonder about the meaning and purpose of life and look for an eternal hope rather than continually chasing the new and the far away?  Perhaps that is to be found right here on your doorstep?  Why not join us in person?  We’re in the church building on Sundays (and YouTube) & meet in person and on Zoom during the week.  Find out more here,

Trinity is made up of people just like you, who have found joy and hope in Jesus.  We continue to pray for all in the communities of Tendring and Baburgh and would love to pray for you and are happy to help.  We are involved with modern day “almsgiving” via local COVID help groups and other charities but can help you directly, too, if you need us.  (Pastor Gaius – 01206 393745, 07732 115107, )