Sunday Worship

Our building has been closed to help the fight against Corona Virus, from September '20 we met on the first Sunday of the month for a communion service.

***** From Palm Sunday '21 (28th March) *****

                  ... God willing all our services will be in person in the church building and on-line via our YouTube channel.

While the COVID virus remains in circulation we strongly encourage all those who are shielding, those who have symptoms of COVID-19 and those who for the benefit of others need to remain at home to make use of the online option.

For those who wish to come to church in person...

    *  We have conducted a rigorous Risk Assessment and the church will be carefully cleaned.

    *  Our hall will be laid out for social distancing and the windows will be open.

    *  You will be required to wear a face covering and to sanitize your hands as you arrive.

    *  We will not sing while the hymns are played.

    *  You are asked not to mingle, that is, to interact with those from other households.


     *  will be essential as places are limited and are open.

     *  will open about a week before the service - please click on the button below for this Sunday.

     *  Bookings will close at about 8am on the day to allow us to make final arrangements.

     *  If you have made a booking and no longer are able to come please cancel.

Finally, in order to leave well at the end of the service, why not consider arranging to take a socially distanced walk home from church with others as allowed by the current guidlines.  You can share fellowship and pray for one another as you walk.

Our next Sunday Service can be booked here...

Sunday (April 18th)

How to, COVID Secure Trinity