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Taking a Break.

After all the ups and downs in July, are you taking a break in August? Win or Lose (and as I write this I don't know if England have ‘brought it home’ or not) following the outcomes for both the Wild Boars and the Three Lions has been a real emotional ride and I for one am ready for a holiday.

But how do you take a break from the past? Knowledgeable people are already saying that the Thai boys are highly likely to suffer from PTSD and other mental health challenges, despite the fact that the brief reports we have seen already suggest that they have a good outlook on life. The media are praising the work that Gareth Southgate and his team have done to disconnect the current England team from past failures that the pundits seem destined to dredge up forever. But, in truth, our current national team had nothing to do with them seeing as most of them weren't born when many of those mistakes were made!

But how do we deal with past failures and decisions we have made that were wrong, or resulted in harm to ourselves or others? For that you need a worldview that speaks to the subject of forgiveness. Forgetting the past without forgiveness is impossible the hurt remains. But who can and should forgive and what can be forgiven? Are there things that are just so bad they can never be undone? Is forgiveness available even though those involved are long gone?

All of these questions and more will be answered in our summer series of sermons titles The Forgiveness Factor. Sunday mornings at 10:30 and Sunday evenings at 6:30 (starting 12th August). You’ll receive a warm welcome at our public worship services each Sunday at 10:30am (with an all-age programme) and again in the evening at 6:30pm.

Services last between 60 & 90 minutes and refreshments follow the morning service.