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April & May

Something to Celebrate?

Are you celebrating anything this month?  As I write this some are celebrating a Brexit extension and others the end of a very long academic term.  But what about you?  When is your next big day?  A work project finished or a milestone achieved.

For us at Trinity May is a great month as we celebrate another year of this group of God’s people, serving Him here in Manningtree.  Here is a part of our history…
“It was a hot afternoon in June 1975; as he delivered invitation cards around Lawford; so hot and dry with hardly any breeze, that using the car was out of the question; nothing for it but to stuff the pockets with cards and sally forth… walking until all the invites had been used… praying whilst walking… talking to any who had doors open because of the heat.
The year was to be declared an official drought, and… there was a kind of ‘silence’ which hovered like the heat haze over the countryside… .  The invites… were about… a Bible Rally, with the expressed intention of ‘bringing Evangelical Bible Ministry to the locality’.

Well in May 1977 the church was formally inaugurated and ever since there have been Sunday services and Evangelical Bible Ministry in various forms.  On May the 4th this year we will be on Riverview Playing Field and hope you will join us for our birthday celebrations.  Colne Endeavour Band will be joining us, they welcome all sorts of people, especially some with learning and physical challenges, to play with them just as the true church welcomes all people to meet Jesus.  And the sound is glorious!

If you are not free on that day, why not join us on any Sunday.  Our 5pm service is designed for people who haven’t been to church before or want to come back and in May we will be Meeting Jesus with Matthew in these Services.  In the morning (10am for prayer and 10:30 for worship) we will be taking a broad brush look at the Bible.  Beginning as it does at the start of time and tracing the whole of God’s interaction with humanity, the fact that the Almighty Father God is interested in each of us, truly is something to celebrate.

Perhaps you don’t feel like you have anything to celebrate, that’s the joy of Jesus’ church, every Sunday is a celebration, as every Sunday we remember He rose from the dead and said we can too! Now that’s something to celebrate!  Why not come and join us.

Services last between 60 & 90 minutes and refreshments follow.