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Climate Change.

Inescapable Catastrophe or Chance Moment?

October contains the 4th Global Climate Change Week (14th -20th) an event organised by and for academic institutions "to engage with each other, their communities, and policy makers on climate change action and solutions."  Earlier this year we saw the birth of the Extinction Rebellion, a more radical movement with similar aims.  All over the world people are realizing our planet matters and many are running scared from the possibilities that we face.  But should we?  Is this the right response?  Are we heading for an Inescapable Catastrophe or not?  Is this the Chance Moment for action or is it too late?

During October we will be looking at this issue at Trinity.  Our morning services are continuing to study in the Bible Book of Daniel.  Daniel was made the Babylonian 'Prime Minister' in his teenage years and served as Principal Court Adviser to a number of Kings.  He wrote down not just his life history but a number of remarkable revelations that have proven to be exceptionally accurate and continue to prove true to this day.  These point us to both a more hopeful future and one which includes an even greater reason to care for this planet and all that lives and breaths on it and especially "our fellow man".  Men and women, boys and girls, alive today and yet unborn are impacted by the truths revealed here.  Do you want to save the planet?  Then listen to what Daniel has to say about why we should, it might surprise you.

The first weekend of October is our Harvest weekend.  

Saturday 5th @7pm - We would love for you to join us for Hope from Harvest Harmonies as we explore in music and song the true and lasting hope that we find in the fact that year after year there is Autumn and Winter, then Spring and Summer and a bountiful harvest for us to benefit from.  Refreshments will include harvest cakes and puddings.

Sunday 6th @ 10:30am - Our morning service will encourage and enable us to Help the Homeless.  We regularly share the bounty that God gives with those who have less by supporting Beacon House, a charity for the Homeless in Colchester.  Their latest list of Urgent Needs can be found here (, bring these with you and we will get it to them.

Sunday 6th @ 5pm – At our monthly guest service we will consider the Human impact on our Home.  This is where we discuss what we read in Scripture and consider together what difference it should make to our lives.  Come and join us and stay afterwards for our Harvest Supper.

It doesn't matter if you haven't been to church for a while, or ever before, we will do everything we can to make you welcome; indeed the evening service is just for you.

Our services last between 60 & 90 minutes and refreshments follow.

Information on these and all our other activities can be found on the website