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Welcome to Trinity Free Church

February / March

Ready for a Transformation?

A number of people have commented to me recently that they have just finished Dry January or Veganuary or some other such change for the first month of the year, with varying results! Some are delighted to be back to the old way and some are looking to keep to the new way in the future. Then again there are those who quite frankly don't like any change at all, thank you very much!! However if there is one thing true about life it is that we need to be ready for change, it is going to happen, however hard we might try to stop it.

And I guess we all ought to be ready for big changes by now! Not least as this Brexit uncertainty has gone on for so long!! Whatever you're views on that some things have changed and some things are going to change.

But big as these changes may turn out to beĀ the Bible speaks of a bigger change; a life-long ongoing transformation, and it is the sort that we should all want. The Bible is very clear, we are all caught up in an inescapable situation, however good we are and however much good we are able to do we are not squeaky clean, we are not perfect. And God, we read, will not settle for "good enough"; His holiness and righteousness and love and justice will not be satisfied by a "nearly there" or a "mostly right" attitude.

So what can be done? The joy and wonder of our studies on a Sunday morning is that we are reading a history book that tells us what has been done and what can be done. We are reading each Sunday morning a portion of the Acts of the Apostles and being challenged by the evidence of how things were quite frankly totally transformed back then. It is the account of how a bunch of uneducated fishermen became the world changing theologians of the day. Of how one man rose from waiting tables to arguing a case in the highest court in the land; he won the argument but lost his life! It's aboutĀ  how another one watching that court case and murder, first became the leader of a court sponsored death squad and then changed sides and became the most prolific writer of the new movement. Total Transformation!

Our strapline for 2019 is Transfixed, Transformed, Transforming. And we would love you to join us and be:
Transfixed by God who sent Jesus Christ His Son to has done all that is needed to be done so that you and I can change

Transformed by Jesus Christ into people who do things they never expected

Transforming as we work together with God the Holy Spirit to help others change.

Want to be a part?

Come and join us at any of our Sunday services. You will receive a warm welcome, the singing and prayers will be passionate and we love to talk about our Saviour Jesus. We meet at 10am for prayer and our morning service begins at 10:30am. If you haven't been to church in a while then our 5pm service is less formal and just for you. Services last between 60 & 90 minutes and refreshments follow.