Pastor's Message
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The Xmas ads are out in force! And they are all trying to be the unique one, the one that stands out and somehow causes us to want to buy everything we can from that store. I wonder if John Lewis or Coca Cola will capture out hearts most this year? Or maybe some less well known company will come up trumps!

But it makes me wonder if anything is truly unique these days. Our lights are mass manufactured in Far East and even our trees look alike. However much time we spend choosing one, the only real difference is whether you have the 6 footer or the 7 footer. We debate if it will fit in and which way around to put it but in truth each way it looks about the same and the real question is how long will the needles last!  Is anything unique? Even when we go to a funeral one of the most chosen songs is I did it my way!  In the profession of individuality we are all the same!!!! In life and death has there ever been a truly unique person?

Actually that is what Christmas is all about. This is when we remember and celebrate a truly unique moment in human history. When one person embodied two natures. No-one has done this before or since. Jesus Christ the baby of the Christmas account, is truly unique. He was obviously human and not an alien and yet he was so obviously different.  Strange and wonderful things, a truly unique set of things happened from before the moment of His conception.

His mother was a virgin at the time of His conception and birth. Both she and the man who would be a Dad to the baby Jesus, were visited by angels who explained what was going on. The night of His birth was remarkable, more angels and shepherds and soon after there was a visit by oriental Magi who had travelled from far away to visit him. Certainly unique even the full meaning of all this was not clear straight away. However as time went on His uniqueness remained and Jesus proved that not only was He a man but He was also God. His humanity was His second nature, He has always been God and at Christmas we remember when God Himself came to earth and took on humanity.

One man two natures. God Himself present with us.

That is the great meaning of Christmas. Yes Jesus is God's present to us and just like the Christmas adverts we at Trinity want to proclaim that to you and see your heart captured by it. But we don't want to part you from your cash or give you something temporary that will be thrown away in the New Year or at best put away until next year. We proclaim to you the unique life changing truth that God, your Creator God who made you, has also visited you and the reason for that visit was to give you the most glorious good gifts.

Why not come to church this Christmas and hear Jesus proclaimed again and discover what joy it is that Jesus is present with us.

Our Bible teaching will be from Matthew's gospel, Matthew was an eyewitness of Jesus and recorded what he saw and heard. If you haven't been to church before or for a while then our 5pm service is the best place to start. All ages welcome and refreshments follow. The Church family meet regularly on Sunday at 10:00am to pray, followed by our worship service. There's always a warm welcome, and all age programme and refreshments follow.   

On Sunday 2nd December we will move our service to the Ballroom at Ironside Walk and begin at 4:15pm. This Advent Carol service will be quite traditional but suitable for all. 

If you would like us to pray for you please call and leave a message on the answerphone. (01206 393745). There a number of other events during the month including Meeting Place (Tuesday 4th), Youth Work (Mondays 3rd & 10th, all School Years catered for), Home Groups (as announced) and Prayer Meetings (Tuesdays 4th & 18th). Please check the calendar for full details.