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Where’s the real story?

BBC Radio 4’s new interpretation of Hamlet has, for the first time in my life, excited me about Shakespeare’s longest play.  The depths of the characters are coming alive, the play within the play is exciting, but do we really know the true intentions of the characters?  There is much left for us to decipher.

Well, Hamlet is just a story but life often needs similar deciphering to find the truth behind the headlines.  For instance did you pick up on this story, “Oxford University bans Christian Union”?  Actually neither Oxford nor Balliol, the college involved, banned anything.  A small faction of the undergrads did and when the rest heard about it there was a “unanimous motion passed that such illiberal behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated” or repeated!


  But the debate goes deeper and to the heart of the Christian faith.  In a mixed message declaring the ban      to be “idiocy” Prof. Richard Dawkins (Oxford) also tweeted that Oxford’s CU is “notoriously nasty and predatory”.  Surely if Christianity is “nasty” then it should be banned!?


So should we side with Dawkins or perhaps a previous Master of Balliol, John Wycliffe?  In this anniversary year, 500 years after the reformation, we should perhaps consider, the “morning star of the English Reformation” as Wycliffe has been labelled.  He went to Oxford in his 20s and spent many years in reasoned debate and theological dispute with the religious authorities of the day.  He translated the Bible into English so that we can all read it.  Yet after his death, the Pope decreed him to be a heretic and his body was dug up and burned!!!

I wonder if they held onto Wycliffe's skull and remembered his life and works like Hamlet does with Yorick!  Whether they did or didn’t there are many who still hold onto the real, life-giving, legacy of his life.  At Trinity we still revere and read the Bible, just like Wycliffe did, and we find in it God’s instructions on how to live 'a good life', the life God wants us to live.  No-one is forced, or coerced, we won’t jump on you like a predator!  But we would really like for you to find the love and joy that we have found in meeting Jesus Christ, our Creator God. 

Nice or Nasty? You can decide!

Why not come and join us at one of our Sunday celebrations.  Lively worship and fantastic fellowship every Sunday at 10:30am and again in the evening at 6:30pm.  

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